What is a Mechanic Special?

What is a mechanic special?

While everyone has an idea of what a junk car is, not everyone has heard of a mechanic special. Since it’s our company’s namesake, let’s check out the background of the term mechanic special, what it means, and what to do if you have one on your hands.

What Does Mechanic Special Mean?

A mechanic special is a car that requires repairs in order to drive but is not worth the cost to fix. While a junk car is considered beyond repair, this type of car can be fixed and driven again. However, it is not a smart financial decision to repair one if you’re not a mechanic.

Whether it requires engine replacement or other major repairs, the value in a mechanic’s special is in the scrap metal and working parts. Since it would be too costly to repair, these cars are sought out by junk car buyers like us.

A hot mechanic special is no different, except that “hot” implies the seller wants to sell the car as quickly as possible.

Who Buys Mechanic Specials?

There are mainly two types of car buyers: mechanics who know how to repair a vehicle, and junk car buyers interested in scrapping the car.

When someone lists a mechanic’s special for sale, it is implied that a mechanic would see value in buying and repairing such a car, but the average car buyer would not. This is because the cost to hire a mechanic exceeds even the post-repair value of the car.

Junk car buyers and online car buyers alike want to buy these vehicles for their scrap value. Since the buyer pool is less than used or new cars, these buyers can buy a mechanic special for far less than a running car or even a junk car.

How to Sell a Mechanic Special

The ideal way to sell a mechanic special is by reaching out to an auto salvage company or junk car buyer with experience dealing with these vehicles. Car buyers like us frequently buy junk cars, mechanic specials, and everything in between.

To sell your mechanic special, all you have to do is fill out our offer form. You’ll then be given a cash offer for your car which you can accept or decline. Within days, we’ll come pick up your junk car for free and pay you cash on the spot.

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