What Does Engine Fault Service Now Mean?

engine fault service now

Engine fault service now is a warning light that shows up on your dashboard when something goes wrong with your Ford. It’s an alert that tells you to bring your car into the shop for repairs.

The light may appear if your vehicle’s onboard computer or electronic control unit (ECU) can detect a problem with the engine, fuel, exhaust system, or emissions. It could be as simple as a fuel cap that isn’t closed properly or as serious as an engine misfiring.

Some of the most common causes that lead to an engine fault service now are:

O2 Sensor Issues

Most fuel-injected vehicles have a device called an oxygen sensor or O2 sensor. This is what your onboard computer or ECU depends on to regulate the right mixture of air and fuel that the engine burns in its cylinders so it can run efficiently. If this sensor is not working correctly, it will trigger the Engine Fault Service Now light and make it harder for your Ford Escape to start.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Issues

Another way to get an Engine Fault Service Now light on your Ford Escape is by having holes in the air intake that allow more than enough air into the combustion chambers of the engine. This makes the air-to-fuel mixture rich, leading to a rough idle and increased fuel consumption.

If this is happening, your mechanic will need to clean out the clogged fuel injector. The process can be done at home or in the shop by a mechanic with a special cleaner. You can also check your spark plugs to see if there are any that are loose or dirty.

New Battery Symptoms

If your Ford Escape battery isn’t charging properly, it will cause an engine fault service now light to show up. This happens because the alternator is trying to charge the battery, but it’s not receiving the signal it needs from the battery monitoring system (BMS).

The BMS is responsible for keeping track of how long you have had the car and adjusts the alternator accordingly. However, if the BMS can’t find out how old your battery is because it doesn’t have a record of it, the battery will charge slightly higher than normal, which can cause an engine fault service now light to appear on your dashboard.

If you don’t take your Ford Escape to the mechanic as soon as it starts showing an engine fault service now light, it can result in more problems down the line. Ultimately, this warning light can be a sign that your battery is about to die, so it’s best to change it as soon as possible to prevent the symptom from getting worse.