Most Valuable Car Parts in a Junk Car

If you have a car that isn’t running and needs to be scrapped, there are some parts that can bring in a significant amount of money. Just because you have a junk car, doesn’t mean it has no value. In fact, there are many valuable car parts in a junk car.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are two of the most important car parts that your vehicle needs. They make moving the vehicle easier and also ensure that the vehicle has enough traction to avoid veering off the road.

Tires are made from rubber, and wheels are made from metal. They are located in different places within the wheel assembly and serve different functions.

While many people confuse the two, they are not interchangeable. The wheel is the circular metal component that bolts to the vehicle’s hub and axle, while the tire is the ring-shaped rubber element wrapped around the wheel.

GPS/Nav System

The GPS/Nav System is a valuable car part that can help you navigate safely and efficiently. It has a lot of features that are useful in the car including traffic, voice directions, and updatable maps.

GPS can also help you track a fleet of vehicles and keep tabs on its performance, which is especially important for large businesses. In addition, it can be used to monitor a variety of vehicle safety, efficiency and health issues.

GPS accuracy can vary with factors such as ionospheric delays, weather conditions and ephemeris errors. It can also be prone to numerical miscalculations, and satellite signals can get blocked by nearby tall buildings.


Airbags are a vital part of any vehicle’s safety system, and they save thousands of lives each year. The majority of vehicles on the road today have dual front air bags that aim to protect your head and chest in a moderate to severe frontal crash.

The airbags are packed tightly in various areas inside the car, and they inflate quickly during a crash to cushion your body against the interior of the car. Some vehicles also have side-impact airbags that are meant to protect your torso in certain types of crashes.

During an accident, sensors in the car send an electric signal to an inflator canister that contains sodium azide. That spark sets off a chemical reaction, which produces nitrogen gas that fills the air bag within 30 milliseconds.

Catalytic Converter

One of the most valuable car parts is a catalytic converter, which turns exhaust fumes into less harmful substances. It contains a honeycombed ceramic structure coated with metal catalysts like platinum, palladium and rhodium.

These precious metals are very valuable and can add up to big bucks for junkyards. It’s no wonder that catalytic converter theft has been on the rise in recent years.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that annual catalytic converter thefts have jumped by 325% over the past two years. It’s a good idea to park your car in a garage or driveway with motion sensor security lights.


Bumpers are one of the most valuable car parts because they play a huge role in how much you’ll pay to repair your vehicle after a collision. Specifically, they’re designed to reduce the damage that occurs when your vehicle strikes another car or an object at low speeds.

Modern bumpers are a complex assemblage of several elements. They include a gas-filled impact absorbing spring device and a steel or aluminum support structure.

Many bumpers are made from a variety of plastic materials, including polycarbonates, polypropylene, polyamides, polyesters, polyurethanes, and thermoplastic olefins (TPO). They are also reinforced with glass fibers to strengthen their impact resistance.