How to Tell If a 4×4 Switch is Bad

One of the most common reasons why drivers need to call an automotive expert is when their 4×4 switch is bad. These switches, also called transfer case position sensor selector switches, are responsible for shifting your vehicle’s gears from 2WD to 4WD. If your car has a bad 4×4 switch, then it won’t be long until it ends up in a junkyard.

Symptoms of a Bad 4×4 Switch

The most obvious indicator that your 4×4 switch is bad is if it stops working without warning. If you have a 4×4 switch that does not work properly, it will cause your car to run less efficiently and may also lead to serious damage.

Several ways to tell that your 4×4 switch is bad include the following:

Your dashboard light will blink or flash continuously when you shift into four wheels. This is a good indication that your 4×4 switch is not working and that you need to bring your car in for repair or replacement.

You will also notice that your gears are shifting unevenly when you try to drive in four wheels. You will find that you have to push the 4×4 button or knob a lot before it works properly and you may even have to jostle it several times before the system comes on.

It can be hard to notice this problem if you are not an avid off-roader. However, if you have been driving with the 4×4 engaged on a rough surface such as sand or mud for a prolonged period of time, it may begin to wear down.