Ford Edge Common Problems & Years To Avoid

The Ford Edge is a reliable vehicle that has been on the market for a long time and has consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction surveys. It has also been a Consumer Reports list for three consecutive years and is a great choice for families or individuals who are looking for an SUV.

However, there are some Ford Edge years that have had a lot of issues and you may want to avoid them. We’ll discuss some of the common problems and give you some alternatives if you’re not interested in those specific models.

2007 and 2008 Models

These were the first year that Ford made the Edge, and it was a big success in the midsize crossover segment. These models sold over 100,000 cars in the US every year outside of 2009.

The 2007 and 2008 Edges were known to have many issues with the drivetrain, brakes, and even the interior. Luckily, Ford did an excellent job of addressing these issues during that time frame.

2011 Models

The 2011 was the next generation of the Ford Edge, and they had some serious issues. Some of the issues included a door ajar light that never went off, an electrical system that was in need of repairs, and the engine stalling or not running at all.

These problems started showing up around 50,000 miles. These mechanical problems were a huge issue for the Ford Edge owners, and they would have to pay a lot of money just to get them fixed. So, if you’re thinking about buying one of these vehicles, be sure to avoid the 2011 versions of this SUV.

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