Do Junkyards Buy Mufflers?

Have an old muffler you'd like to sell? Learn how much its worth and how to sell your muffler to a junkyard.

If you have an old car sitting in your garage or driveway, you may be wondering what to do with it. One option is to sell it to a junkyard. Junkyards are known for buying old cars, but what about individual car parts, like mufflers? In this blog post, we will explore whether junkyards buy mufflers, how much a scrap muffler is worth, and answer some frequently asked questions about selling mufflers to junkyards.

Do junkyards buy mufflers?

Yes, most junkyards buy mufflers in working condition or for scrap. Mufflers are an essential component of a car’s exhaust system, and they can be valuable to junkyards for a variety of reasons. Here are a few reasons why junkyards may be interested in buying mufflers:

Salvage and resale

Junkyards often salvage usable parts from old cars and sell them to individuals or businesses looking for affordable replacement parts. If your muffler is in good condition and can be reused, a self service junkyard may be willing to buy it from you.

Scrap metal recycling

Even if your muffler is no longer functional, it still contains valuable materials like steel or aluminum. Junkyards often buy scrap metal to recycle and sell to metal manufacturers. So, even if your muffler is damaged or broken, a junkyard may still be interested in purchasing it for its scrap value.

How much is a scrap muffler worth?

The value of a scrap muffler can range from $10 to $75, depending on its condition, make, model, and the current market price of scrap cars and their parts. Here are some key points to consider when determining the worth of a scrap muffler:

  • Condition: If your muffler is in good condition and can be reused, it may have a higher value compared to a damaged or broken muffler. Junkyards are more likely to pay a higher price for mufflers that can be resold.
  • Make and model: Some car brands and models are more popular than others, and their parts may have a higher demand in the used parts market. If your muffler is from a sought-after make and model, it may have a higher value.
  • Scrap metal prices: The price of scrap metal fluctuates based on market conditions. It’s a good idea to research the current market price of scrap metal before selling your muffler to a junkyard. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of price.

How do I find a junkyard that buys mufflers near me?

Check out local junkyards near you and call to see if they buy mufflers.

What do I need to do before selling my muffler to a junkyard?

First, remove the muffler from your vehicle. If you are unsure how to do this, consult a mechanic or watch online tutorials. Then make sure to clean the muffler to make it more presentable and increase its potential resale value.

If your car is junk and you’re thinking of selling it for parts, think again. Even if the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole car, you can get around $500 for your junk car by selling it to a junkyard.

Can I sell a muffler that has been modified or customized?

It depends on the modifications and the junkyard’s policies. Some junkyards may be interested in modified or customized mufflers, while others may prefer stock parts and only pay scrap prices.


Junkyards do buy mufflers, whether for salvage and resale purposes or for scrap metal recycling. The value of a scrap muffler depends on factors such as its condition, make, model, and current market prices for scrap metal. Before selling your muffler to a junkyard, it’s important to research and find a reputable junkyard that accepts mufflers. Remember to remove the muffler from your vehicle, clean it if possible, and familiarize yourself with any legal requirements in your area. Selling your muffler to a junkyard can be a great way to get rid of an old car part and potentially make some money in the process.

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