Cash For Junk Cars With No Title & No Keys

Can you sell a car with no title and no keys? There are several ways to junk a car without title and without keys, from scrap metal buyers to online car buyers like us. Check out how to get the most for your junker when you’re missing the title and keys.

Who Buys Junk Cars Without Title or Keys?

Junkyards, scrapyards, and auto salvage yards are the most common buyers of cars without title or keys. Other buyers include local car buyers, car dealerships, and sites like ours who buy junk cars everyday.

That being said, not all car buyers will be interested in buying a car without either keys or title, let alone without both. Some buyers may think the car is stolen and others will not want to deal with the hassle of constant towing.

Can You Sell a Junk Car Without Title?

Many people assume it’s difficult to sell their junk car without title, but there are many options to consider. Vehicles are required to be registered in most states, so the car title will need to be transferred to the buyer during the sale.

If the title is lost or damaged, it can be replaced at your local DMV for a small fee. However, you can avoid this step by finding a junk car buyer that will purchase your car with or without the title.

Can You Sell a Junk Car Without Keys?

Even if a car owner is missing their keys, the car can be sold or junked for scrap. Some buyers will avoid buying any car if they can’t drive it away. But junk car buyers are experienced with towing cars that don’t run or don’t start.

If the keys are missing to a junk car, buyers will need to know in advance to bring mobile locksmith tools and towing equipment. Fortunately, the value of the junk car doesn’t depreciate much if the keys are missing.

How Much is a Junk Car Worth Without Title or Keys?

Junk cars are valued mostly on their scrap prices for metal, plastic, and other recyclable materials. If the car has working parts, these will be estimated into the valuation. Most junkyards and auto salvage yards will pay a fair amount for cars that lack titles and keys, as long as the seller can provide sufficient documentation.

In addition to the price of the car, transporting it from home to a junkyard will affect its final price. While smaller salvage yards might not be able to move it without keys, larger yards usually have flatbed trucks that make this task easy.

How To Junk a Car Without Title or Keys For Cash

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